Hardey Group

Traffic Analysis

We provide Traffic Impact Analysis (TIA) and Traffic Impact Studies (TIS). By utilizing analysis software we can build an existing road system from current maps. We can also create and test different scenarios, including roundabouts, traffic lights with different timing, and different intersection geometry. We can then simulate traffic flow at different loads to adjust the overall network for peak capacity and safer driving.

New Development Traffic Impact and Mitigation

We also analyze existing conditions to determine the impact of adding addition traffic from a new development. If the development (residential neighborhood, big box store, or office building suite) has a detrimental impact on the road network, we can simulate different mitigation options to find the best solution for your project.

Turning Movement Analysis

The design of an intersection, parking lot, or driveway has to take the size of the vehicles into account along with their turning limitations. Fire Trucks are often unique to each district and we have to make sure that access is available in case of emergency.

In addition to a vast library of vehicles, from standard vehicles to articulated buses and even tractors, we can also custom build virtual vehicles to suit your specific needs. We've created custom fire pumpers, ladder trucks, dump trucks, logging trucks, and low clearance vehicles to make sure that our site design can accomidate the needed vehicles.

Parking Lot Optimization

Commercial property has to make the best use of parking spaces for an effective site layout. We look at more than just typical passenger vehicles and delivery trucks. If a store is near an interstate or a recreational site we also check for manuverability of camper and boat trailers. If a commercial site receives large deliveries, we will make sure the loading docks allow for fast and efficient truck circulation.

By mapping out the likely travel paths we can design landscape areas and integrated detention options that add beauty and are practical.


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