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Storm Detention and Treatment Design

Whenever a new development is built, it can adversely impact neighboring houses and developments. Proper storm detention and design will prevent damage to others and it can help filter and treat pollutants that are washed away by smaller storms.


High-Density Neighborhood Options

A neighborhood development requires detention to offset the excess runoff created by the rooftops and paved areas. One solution is to install underground chambers to save on space lost to large detention ponds. In this neighborhood we were able to run a single storm chamber row underneath the sidewalk and avoid conflict with other underground utilities.


Reclaiming Parking Space

In a commercial site, space is premium. Loss of parking area to a detention pond limits the size of leasable building space. It may be more cost-effective to use storm chambers underneath the parking lot to reclaim the space and allow for a larger building.


Combined Detention Systems

For this long and flat site, a small detention pond was placed at the back of the property, which served as overflow parking. We were required to drain to a roadside ditch, which severely limited our option, unless we used a pump. We were able to combine traditional detention with underground chambers to detain and drain the site to the roadside ditch.


Analysis Software

Our software can analyze many different scenarios, from small storms to hurricanes. We can view the results of the storm as it passed through the project to make sure that the design is optimized for safety and effeciency.


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