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Blog Update:

Using BIM (Building Information Modeling) for Civil site design.

Hardey Group has fully incorporated using BIM (Building Information Modeling) for our site design.

Even on small projects we are able to use national elevation data (LIDAR, DEM, etc.) along with topo surveying to build an accurate model of the surface we will be using for design.

This allows us to quickly design and refine our grades, drainage, and utility locations.

The projects below were small, but each had a tricky element due to steep grades or flood concerns. . . . see videos

Blog Update:

Traffic Engineering: Saving the world one turn lane at a time.

You hit the brakes for a second, just tap them on the freeway, you can literally track the ripple effect of that action across a two-hundred-mile stretch of road, because traffic has a memory. Its amazing. Its like a living organism. - Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise), in his cover job as a traffic engineer in Mission: Impossible III.

I had to laugh as I heard this line in the movie. So many times
. . . read more

A Pear Blossom Block Party |MailTribune.com

Commons venue gets enthusiastic response from crowds; parade provides fun for all ages

Blog Update:

Traffic Calming Solutions: What is a Woonerf?

In the U.S. they are sometimes called "Complete Streets."

They are areas that is shared by vehicles, cyclists, and pedestrians. The word for "Woonerf" (Pronounced "Vu-nerf") is loosely translated "Living Street."

The idea is to create a space where . . . read more

Blog Update:

History of Civil Engineering Part 2

Flushed with Pride
As I speak, two of the three toilets in our building are out of service. Apparently there was a recall on the flushing system in our toilets that could cause pressure to build up in the tanks, causing explosions resulting in serious injury from . . . read more.


Rental-car shop may lift Medford airport | MailTribune.com 

The Medford airport is planning to build a seven-bay light maintenance shop to handle work for the five rental-car companies based there.

Hardey Engineering has been working with Ron Grimes Architect and the Rogue Valley International Airport to make the rental car businesses more efficient.

Hardey Engineering and Assoc. now has an official Blog!

History of Engineering Part 1

From the beginning of organized cities, engineers have been hired to solve the basic problems caused by having a bunch of people living together. Fortunately, instead of solving problems through politics, engineers like to take a more hands-on approach.

In ancient Egypt, while the . . . read more

Fishing Adventures with Hardey Engineering and Assoc.

Lucky Angler Lands Dorado | MailTribune.com

BROOKINGS Deckhand George Freitas was about to pull friend Jim Fuller's first tiny tuna onto the deck of the Summer Marie, when he inexplicably let go of the leader and started going berserk.

"George started jumping up and down all excited, yelling to get the gaff because we didn't want to lose it," Fuller says. "To be quite honest with you, I didn't know what it was."





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