Hardey Group

Walgreens and retail building

Built over a demolished bank, this site required an updated grading plan with replacement utilities as well as an updated survey for the lease.

We were able to jump-start the grading design by utilizing lidar scans, gps survey data, and drone pictures to create a model of the existing parking lot. With this model created we designed a new site for the construction of the building.

Shared-use office rental building

This site proved a challenge for detention, since the site was very flat to begin with and the runoff flowed into a Harris County ditch, with required a high amount of detention. By taking advantage of Harris County's Low impact Development options, we were able to satisfy the detention requirements.

Bakery Building

Designed over a demolished gas station, the proposed building site was in the flood hazard zone. The grading plan had to be carefully designed so that no fill was placed within the flood boundary while providing sufficient protection for the nearby bayou and flood detention.

Restaurant Design

This site required a street improvement along with the site design. Using Civil3d's powerful corridor design program, we were able to recreate the existing street and integrate the new street and sidewalk design with the city's future development plans.



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