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John Hardey, President, P.E., R.P.L.S.
John is a Registered Professional Engineer in Oregon, Texas, California, Arizona, and Washington, and is a Registered Professional Land Surveyor in Oregon, Texas, and California.

John  has over 45 years of combined experience as Engineer of Record for many municipalities and public agencies, providing a broad range of planning, engineering, surveying, contract administration, and inspection services for a wide variety of multi-million dollar projects. We work on projects as a team, which allows us to provide a multi faceted approach to problem solving and depth of personnel for each project. We begin with conceptual planning, provide surveying, design, construction administration and inspection, and follow through with one-year warranty inspections and project close-out.

When he is not at Hardey Group, Inc., he likes fishing on his boat, working on his boat, golfing, and hanging out with his grandkids.

contact him at johnh@hardeygroup.com

John Hardey, President

Travis Hardey, Business Adminstration
Travis provides the drafting and marketing services for Hardey Group. He has grown up learning Civl Engineering from John, and loves to tinker with computer programs. He is an experienced public speaker, and is able to communicate effectively with clients.

Travis thinks building projects in 3d is like playing with legos for grownups. Most of the 3d models used for marketing and presentations have been built by Travis.

Travis lives with his family in Houston, and enjoys music, riding motorcycles, and playing with his kids.

contact him at travish@hardeygroup.com
Travis Hardey, Houston Texas
James H. Olson, P.L.S., W.R.E.
Jim has over 41 years of experience in the fields of engineering and surveying, gained primarily with the City of Ashland Public Works Department, where he served as the Engineering Services Manager. His experience has enabled him to polish his skills as a problem solver, an effective manager a public speaker and an innovative designer.
 He has had extensive experience in not only the design of public streets, airports, water and sewer systems, storm drains and other utilities, but in the development of project specifications, contract documents, project budgets and costs.
 He is well versed in Oregon Public Contract Laws and Regulations. He has had extensive development and implementation in the master plans for transportation systems as well as water and sewer systems. 

Jim is an active volunteer for various organizations.

contact him at jimo@hardeygroup.com
JIm Olson, Medford Oregon



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