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About Hardey Engineering and Asoc. (Civil, Traffic, and Land Surveying)

Hardey Group and Low Impact Development

We have been using Low Impact Development standards in the northwest since it's first conception, using bioswales and natural detention methods for over a decade. Our permeable paving design for the downtown area was the first of its kind in Oregon. As the proven success of LID has caught on throughout the U.S., we have adapted the designs to be just as useful in Houston and the surround areas.

Urban development often leads to impervious surfaces (parking lots, roads, etc.) which don’t allow the soil to absorb rainfall, causing water to divert into culverts, ditches, and streams. Untreated, this runoff can cause damage to the streams and in extreme cases, flooding.

 Different methods can be used to implement LID designs, allowing for flexibility based on the size of your project and the use of the site, from a single house to a big box store.

LID graphic

Hardey Group has been serving cities, counties and commercial clients for 35 years.

We were the Civil Engineer for two Urban renewal projects lasting 25 years. The Medford Urban Renewal Agency (MURA) and the Jackson County Urban Renewal Agency (JCURA) used us as their Civil Engineer throughout the life of both projects. 

During these projects Civil Engineering changed dramatically, introducing more powerful Civil Engineering software, new construction techniques like full-depth reclamation, and Low Impact Development designs like permeable paving and hydrodynamic water treatment.

Our final project for MURA included permeable paving covering two city blocks and surrounding streets, allowing for full use of the area during city events, with water treatment and storm detention completely underground.

John Hardey also worked for the Parks Department on the newly finished U.S. Cellular Sports Park - a 132 Acre artificial turf  community sports park.  With 15 artificial turf fields and a series of paths and playgrounds joining them together, this record-breaking park has brought tournaments to the area year-round. We worked on this project from the initial master planning to final inspections of the last field 15 years later.


3d Design and Modelling

By designing our projects in 3d from the beginning, we are able to quickly adjust our grades, check for conflicts, and produce models for our clients to review. By looking at a concept in 3d, our clients are quickly able to see what the finished product will look like, and make desired adjustments early on in the process.

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